8 Week Mindfulness Based Living Courses

With Nan Lutz in Parkhurst

Secular, experiential Mindfulness meditation and Compassion eight-session courses

These Mindfulness meditation and Compassion courses 20 hour courses are secular (non-religious) and includes eight weekly (two-hour) tutorial sessions with an experienced mindfulness practitioner. It includes personal instruction and guided mindfulness practices, detailed course notes and guided journaling.  It also includes the mindfulness app of guided mindfulness practices (for ease of practicing download on your phone)

Plus, in response to requests, we’ve now added an additional 4 hours (valued at R1,100):

  1. a group catch-up session during the course (to ensure that you are able to catch up if you miss a session and to make best use of the graduated course), as well as
  2. a Staying Mindful Practice Session (a monthly morning practice session to support you in sustaining the practice once the 8- session course is over and to offer you the opportunity to practice mindfulness with the support of a group).

The next 8 session courses to be run in Parkhurst, are on:

MINDFULNESS Based Living Courses:

Monday mornings (9:30 – 11:30) and Monday evenings (18:00 – 20:00):

  • 27 Jan  – 23 March 2020
4 May – 22 June 2020
  • 5 October  – 23 November 2020
  • 25 Jan –  15 March 2021

CBLC 2020, Tuesday mornings

  • 5 May – 23 June 2020.

2020 dates to be confirmed COMPASSION Based Living Courses

Bookings:  Email Nan on shenang108@gmail.com     

Further info: Check www.shenang.co.za

Groups are small and intimate and limited to max 4 – 6 people.

Please note that we aim for price not to be a barrier to access this valuable course, so contact me if you would like to discuss payment options.

These courses are experiential, secular Mindfulness and Compassion courses.  The Mindfulness course is unique in that it includes a focus on Compassion training, which is essential when learning Mindfulness.  The courses were developed by Rob Nairn, founder of Mindfulness Africa and Mindfulness Association UK, building on his 40 years of experience as a Mindfulness practitioner, international teacher and author. Training in Mindfulness and Compassion is a powerful life-skill that helps you transform the way you live your life, dramatically reducing stress and helping to build resilience to life’s daily challenges.

In fact, research has found that mindfulness meditation helps people:

  • Lower stress
  • Improve their immune system
  • Live healthier lifestyles
  • Improve cognitive abilities
  • Reduce high blood pressure
  • Connect to the fullness of life
  • Build resilience to life’s daily challenges

The MINDFULNESS Based Living Course themes are:

  • Session 1 – Start Where We Are, What is Mindfulness and Why Practice it?)
  • Session 2 – The Body as a Place to Stay Present
  • Session 3 – Introducing Mindfulness Support
  • Session 4 – Working with Distraction
  • Session 5 – Exploring the Undercurrent
  • Session 6 – Attitude of the Observer•Day of Practice
  • Session 7 – Self-acceptance
  • Session 8 – A Mindfulness Based Life and The Rest of Your Life

The COMPASSION Based Living Course draws on insights and practices from neuroscience, evolutionary psychology and Mahayana Buddhism. This secular Compassion training course starts with building self-compassion into basic mindfulness practice.

Through compassionate imagery and mindful self-compassion, we cultivate positive emotions as a way of building up an inner resource, from which we can approach the difficulties that are part and parcel of being alive. We then approach the self-critic: that persistent inner voice that is harsh and condemning, and always finding fault in what we do.  What it would be like to cultivate an inner voice that is kind and supportive, and to live life from this place, rather than from a place of destructive self-criticism?

In the course of the journey we move from self-compassion towards compassion for others, exploring practices which help us find balance and perspective beyond our narrow preferences, generating love and friendliness to our inner and outer worlds, responding appropriately to pain and suffering while also appreciating the good things in our lives, integrating compassion into all that we do. As there is a strong emphasis on the experiential nature of the course, there are home practice suggestions between the sessions that include regular compassion practice and daily life exercises.

The COMPASSION Based Living Course themes are:

  • Session 1 – Why practice compassion?  Because we suffer
  • Session 2 – The Compassionate Mess
  • Session 3 – It’s not our fault: an evolutionary perspective
  • Session 4 – Creating conditions of safeness
  • Session 5 – Befriending the self-critic
  • Session 6 – Finding the compassionate friend within
  • Session 7 – The Four Immeasurable Qualities
  • Session 8 – Widening the circle of compassion


From the early days in 1994, when I met Rob Nairn at a mindfulness meditation training course that he ran in Joburg, I spent the next 20 years learning mindfulness meditation under his guidance and attending either his 10-day or 30- day silent retreats with him to learn about and deepen my own mindfulness meditation practice.

I worked in the corporate financial services sector during this time and after qualifying in holistic and sports massage (2011) and also qualifying with Mindfulness Africa to teach their 8 week Mindfulness and also the Compassion Based Living Courses, I left corporate in 2012 and founded my own wellness practice.  Now I’m back in corporates, only this time training them in mindfulness and recently been appointed Director of Mindfulness Africa.

Check out what course participants had to say:

The Mindfulness Course with Nan has enhanced my sense of well-being and overall happiness. It has improved my relationships with my children, husband, friends and work colleagues and has also taught me to be kinder to myself. Most of all, it has given me practical tools to head out into the world with, which will enable me to live more skilfully.

       – Belinda Mountain

Thank you Nan for a life changing 8 weeks.  I have suffered from anxiety all my life and as a result almost always stressed.  This has at times spilled over into a mild panic disorder which resulted in being less functional than I would like to have been.  Within the first 4 weeks of the course I already started to feel different and to sleep better.  I can say that I am much calmer, less stressed, happier and more positive as a direct result of the course. My chronic shoulder pain has improved greatly! I have a better perspective and am making better life choices. Amazing

      – Bonita Lee Shew


These monthly mindfulness meditation sessions are designed for those who have completed the Mindfulness Africa 8-week Mindfulness Based Living Course – or have an existing mindfulness practice.

It’s a chance to keep up with your practice and connect with other fellow mindfulness practitioners with group support, on a monthly basis. It’s a great way to unwind and recharge for the rest of the week.

The session will begin with a mindfulness sitting practice, followed by a short talk, guided discussion and enquiry around a mindfulness related topic. This will be followed by a guided kindness, compassion or relaxation practice. Afterwards there will be time for tea and chat, a great opportunity to get to know your fellow mindfulness practitioners. Hope to see you there!

Where: Shenang Wellness Studio, 52 – 12th Street, Parkhust, Joburg 

Session Fee: R250 cash or EFT before session.
Bookings: Email Nan on shenang108@gmail.com or WhatsApp/sms Nan on 083 326 3670.  (Space is limited and groups are small, so please pre-book)

Further info: check www.shenang.co.za

What Sandra had to say:

After completing my 8-week mindfulness course with Nan, I joined her monthly “staying mindful” group. The direction and focus of my life had changed and although I was now a committed meditator, I still needed a lot of encouragement and support to help me deepen my practise.

Living mindfully can be challenging at times and the group supplies a platform in which one feels safe to share and ask questions. Nan holds space for us and guides us lovingly and wisely. She has become a mentor and teacher to me and these sessions have become a very important part of my life. It is also lovely to share the experience with others who are on the same journey, who can sometimes provide a different point of view.

I would recommend anyone who has taken the course to continue with the monthly meetings as it enriches the experience and helps one to maintain and live a mindful life. Thank you, Nan.

      – Sandra Viljoen


Lucy D-C

with Lucy Draper-Clarke in Auckland Park

Lucy Draper-Clarke has a PhD in Mindfulness and Education, and will be offering Rob Nairn’s Mindfulness Based Living Course, during May and June.

8 consecutive weeks.

You can choose from either the morning class: 10am-12noon, or the evening class from 7-9pm.

This programme is a comprehensive training, suitable for both beginners and for those who already have a mindfulness practice.

Participants will be taught progressive skills in mindfulness and compassion through presentations, guided practice and enquiry sessions. A strong emphasis is placed on experiential learning, and for this reason there are home assignments that include regular mindfulness practice, daily life exercises and journal writing.

The 8-module programme will cover the following topics:
1. Start Where We Are
2. The Body as a Place to Stay Present
3. Introducing Mindfulness Support
4. Working with Distraction
5. Exploring the Undercurrent
6. Attitude
7. Self-Acceptance
8. A Mindfulness-Based Life

Please email lucyheartmind@gmail.com for more details and for information about subsidized places.To book or for information about subsidized places please contact Lucy: lucymindheart@gmail.com or visit: lucydraperclarke.com