The Joy of Insight

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A lovely 5 day Insight retreat was led by Rob Nairn and Choden ( Mindfulness Association in the UK), assisted by Jenny Canau and Jo Anne Crossley from Mindfulness Africa.

The retreat was successfully attended by 50 participants at the Meditation Centre ( Kagyu Samye Dzong) in Kenilworth, Cape Town.

The retreat focused on developing one’s mindfulness and compassion practices, thereby creating the conditions for psychological insights to arise. A wonderful book called “From Mindfulness to Insight” co-authored by Rob Nairn and Choden will be available in late April, for people who want to do Insight training.

The retreat focused on settling, grounding, resting and using a soft focus as mindfulness support, in daily meditation practice, and in daily life. The emphasis was on accessing the more subtle thoughts and feelings that lie below the surface of our awareness and to bring deep self-compassion to ourselves, especially when we experience difficulty. We worked with difficult emotions and how to let them arise, self-display and self-liberate so that we can learn from difficulty without suppression which causes inner-conflict. We also explored and shared gratitude practices and found deep benefit in the mindful movement practices and how to bring these into our daily lives. The retreat enabled us all to take a deeper look at our habitual way of thinking, feeling and being in the world and it offered us skillful and gentle ways to enhance our daily life and meditation practice.

Jenny Canau